Monday, 16 December 2013

My Wife, Come Follow Me Home by Jiu Xiao Qi (老婆,跟我回家吧!-酒小七)

    I've returned from my weekend getaway and will be returning to my summary and translation work! As a mini update, I highly recommend this modern C-novel, My Wife, Come Follow Me Home. Peanuts first recommended this to me and you can find the shusheng link here.

    It's really cute and light the whole way through, and the emotional angst that comes later is narratively earned and does not feel overly manipulated. Essentially, the female lead Guan Xiao Yan is a simple girl who does not believe in love and romance anymore. However, as her mother is always bugging her to get married, she goes on matchmaking dates. On one of these dates, she meets the male lead, Jiang Li, who proposes that they get married on the day itself. So, they do and this starts their hilarious contract marriage! Where the male lead claims he is gay and they both deny that they like each other... until it is....too late? :) 

  The site where I read the story has this cute introductory which I will translate:

*I will try and explain the hilarious Chinese puns. This is written in the perspective of the female lead, Xiao Yan.

   Jiang Li: Miss Guan, let's discuss the problem of 房事 (fang shi - the private marital affairs of a married couple, eg sexual intercourse).

  Me: There is risk in 房市 (fang shi  - housing market), one have to invest carefully.

[Haha died laughing]

  Jiang Li: Very good, so shall we discuss our marriage?

  Me: ...

   On the first day Jiang Li and I met, we received our marriage certificate. Both of us married for the sake of marriage, there was no ulterior motive.

   My best friend He Zi scolded me for treating my marriage like child's play... But, to me, marriage is child's play.

   One day, I realised my feelings for Jiang Li were not innocent anymore. So I told him, "Let's divorce."

  Jiang Li: Why?

  Me: Because I don't want to be trapped#.

 Jiang Li: No, you have to be trapped.

  Me: Why?

  Jiang Li: Because I'm already trapped!
 # - The chinese phrase used is 沉沦- which has more the connotation of sinking into a world you rather not be in, which is a lovely funny way of showing how they both view falling in love in this contract marriage as a trap! <3


  1. Hey, I didn't know you read this too. This was my first ever Chinese novel (not sure if you don't already know, I'm not chinese literate). I fell in love at first read with Jiang Li. I was so captivated by him for such a long time, well at least until Xiao Bai came along. Haha....but I will always regard Jiang Li as my first love. Thanks to Peanuts n Lidge @ SSB, this book really got me going with Chinese novels, and as they say, everything else was history. .........XinnXinn

  2. Hey XinnXinn! Oh I didn't know this was your first one! This is one of my favourites - one of the 2 modern c-novels that I give 4.5 stars. I love it! Too bad, the other readers say her other one isn't good, so I didn't bother trying. I love contract marriages heheh!

  3. is there anyone going to do the translation for this novel.. it so interesting...

    1. There's been a spurt of interest for this novel, but I don't think anyone has picked this up for translation!

  4. I have just finished this book and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a light read. The setup is a little like Meteor Garden/Boys Over Flowers where you have an ordinary girl who suddenly find herself in the company of 3 handsome, (mostly) rich, capable men who all fell in love with her somehow. Guan Xiao Yan is definitely more quirky and lovable than Shan Cai (Meteor Garden) in my book and you can find no wrong with Jiang Li who hit all the right notes, so they make a lovely couple. Thank you for the recommendation!

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed it Moonblossom!!! <3 This is one of my top recommended modern novels. It's written so well!!!

  5. do u have the link to the raw version of wife come home with me...........if u hav please share